Educator Arts Day

Saturday August 24

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9:00 AM  –  4:00 PM



Saturday, August 24, 2024 | 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


TICKETS: Free for Educator | $17 Educator + T-shirt

**Limit of 1 ticket per registration. No proof of educator credentials necessary. Max registrants: 350. Last day to register is Monday, August 19, 2024.


Join us for a free day of celebrating arts-integrated learning at Phoenix Art Museum's Annual Educator Arts Day + Cultural Resource Fair. This year’s event features expanded art-making workshops, along with advance online registration and workshop selection. 

Your ticket includes:

• Engaging professional-development and art-making workshops
• Access to the Cultural Resource Fair, featuring more than 30 organizations
• Opportunities to network with educators from across Arizona
• Morning coffee lounge and catered lunch 
• Raffle with prizes from our cultural partners
• Continuing education credit certificate
• Pre-orders for an Educator Arts Day t-shirt

PhxArt Members will also receive:
• Early registration for workshops
• One additional raffle ticket

Once registered for the event, PhxArt Members will receive a separate email on August 20, 2024 to select their workshops for the day, followed by an email to all educators on August 21, 2024. To get a chance to register for your favorite workshops first, become a member today by visiting


Here is a sneak peek at the professional development workshops being offered this year:

Workshop: Meditative Mandalas
In this session, we will experience meditative practices, create mandalas, and discuss the many intersections of justice, peace and art, also considering student application. Presented by Julie Lillie with The Peace Pad for Pre-K – 12th Grade Educators. 

Workshop: Green Creations: Inspiring Sustainable Art for Kids
This immersive experience will guide educators through the process of developing sustainable art projects that inspire creativity while promoting environmental consciousness. Presented by Visual Teaching Artist Gabriela Angulo for Pre-K – 8th Grade Educators. 

Workshop: Neurographic Art
Neurographic Art is a unique way of making lines to approach stress or conflict, and to create new pathways for clarity for students through meditation. Presented by The Walter Hive for Pre-K – 12th Grade Educators. 

Workshop: Reimagining the Field Trip Experience with Act One
Designed with Title 1 Schools in mind, workshop participants will learn how to register for Act One in-person field trips and VR field trips and enjoy elements of the VR experience themselves. Presented by Act One for Pre-K – 12th Grade Educators. 

Workshop: Traits of Terrific Dance Educators
In this session, focus on communication with students, how to spark engagement, and foster an appreciation for dance in your students regardless of your dance knowledge! Presented by Ballet Arizona for Pre-K – 8th Grade Educators. 

Workshop: Curiosity, Creativity and Collaboration: STEAM Experiences for Early Learners
Discover how to confidently put the "A" in STEAM for early learners! Consider connections between artists and scientists while testing out various hands-on STEAM experiences inspired by artworks in Phoenix Art Museum's collection and special exhibitions. Presented by Phoenix Art Museum for Pre-K – 3rd Grade Educators. 

Workshop: Mask Making & Storytelling
This workshop includes a storytelling performance to illustrate how the use of masked characters can be used to connect to amplify everything from joy, sadness, anger, and playfulness. Using folding techniques and cut outs participants will create their own paper masks inspired by their own stories. Presented by Cultural Coalition for 6th – 12th Grade Educators. 

Workshop: Interpreting Contemporary Art 
Discover strategies for engaging students with unconventional contemporary artworks from the 1960s–now using works in the Phoenix Art Museum collection. Presented by Phoenix Art Museum for 6th – 12th Grade Educators. 

Workshop: Capturing Creativity: A Photography Workshop for Beginners
This session will present educators with an opportunity to explore a basic introduction to photography, develop an understanding of visual literacy through storytelling, practice descriptive narratives, and explore adapting photography to other mediums. Presented by Center for Creative Photography for 6th – 12th Grade Educators. 

Workshop: Fractured Art
Fractured Art is a way to explore construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction of an image. It is based on the Japanese art of Kintsugi. Join us for this exercise of breaking down and building back up in a beautiful way. Presented by The Walter Hive for Pre-K – 12th Grade Educators. 

Workshop: Frida Kahlo & Flower Crowns
This presentation talks about the Life and Times of Frida Kahlo and includes the creation of a tissue paper flower crown, an accessory Frida wore often and that symbolizes the connection to the natural elements often seen in her paintings. Presented by Cultural Coalition for 2nd – 5th Grade Educators. 

Workshop: Unlocking Creativity: Infusing Art into STEAM Education
Through hands-on activities and collaborative discussions, educators will explore innovative strategies to seamlessly weave artistic expression into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics curricula to foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and encourages holistic learning experiences. Presented by Arizona Science Center for Pre-K – 8TH Grade Educators. 

Workshop: Guarding the Art: An Educator’s Perspective
Hear from the guest curators of Guarding the Art: A Frontline Perspective on their experiences curating a Museum exhibition and gain insider tips on how to translate and elevate student artwork projects into an exhibition within your own school setting. Presented by Phoenix Art Museum for 9th - 12th Grade Educators.

Workshop: Color Your World With Stories: Using Picture Books for Art Instruction
Educators will explore fun, non-fiction titles to pair with lessons on artists, techniques and museums and will have time to explore titles, collaborate with other educators and get some fun goodies to take back to the classroom! Presented by GBS Books for Pre-K – 8th Grade Educators. 

Workshop: What’s the Story? Using Drama to Bring Art to Life
This workshop will demonstrate how teachers can use drama techniques to help their students engage with the art in the museum through the lens of character creation and storytelling. Presented by Childsplay Theatre for K – 8th Grade Educators. 

Workshop: Collage Art as Kinship Practice
This workshop will provide educators with the skills and practice to host a threefold collage art lesson where students will learn about collage as an accessible art form and worldbuilding site. Presented by Visual Teaching Artist Ayling Zulema Dominguez for 9th – 12th Grade Educators. 

Workshop: Exploring Materials: Cross-Stitch Basics and Pattern Making
This workshop is designed to learn basic cross-stitch techniques, pattern making and exploration of applying stitches on discarded materials. Participants will be guided to use traditional and discarded materials to design a cross-stitch pattern to create their own art. Presented by Visual Teaching Artist Gloria Martinez-Granados for K – 12th Grade Educators. 

Workshop: Animal Art
Connect and appreciate nature through observation and art! Join us as we combine the creative freedom of artists with the inspiration of our animals and STEAM concepts. Presented by Phoenix Zoo for K– 12th Grade Educators.

Workshop: Community Check-In
Guided facilitation of Audre Lorde's poem "Questionnaire to Oneself" interrogates catharsis and complicity in pursuit of community. Education is a revolutionary endeavor and this serves as an opportunity to hold safe space for those at the forefront in this important time. Presented by Teaching Artist and Poet Melissa Dunmore for 9th – 12th Grade Educators.